(Episode 58)

Understanding Childhood Alarm with guest Ashleigh Warner

What is childhood alarm? How are some traditional approaches to childhood anxiety developmentally inappropriate? Does CBT work for kids? What can we do instead?

All of this and more in this episode with the holistic family psychologist, Ashleigh Warner.  

Ashleigh has spent over a decade working with families in various settings. Ashleigh has a Masters Degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology and is a registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. She has worked in Thailand, Kenya, The Solomon Islands and now resides home in Australia, where she is raising her young family. Ashleigh has also trained in Family Therapy and has extensive experience working with families as a whole system.

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Dr. Tamara Soles skillfully dives into meaningful conversations about a variety of topics that not only relate to therapy but also translate to many other aspects of life. This podcast is thought-provoking and keeps the listener completely engaged. The exchanges are lighthearted, humorous at times, and purposeful. A worthwhile listen, simply delightful!
I have enjoyed every single episode of this podcast. Dr. Soles and her guests have done an awesome job talking about meaningful topic and sending important message about mental health while still keeping the discussions entertaining and light. Love it!
This inspiring and thought provoking hour has 50 minutes that will elevate your practice and life.
Rachel R.
Dr. Soles is very down to earth and relatable, yet professional. She asks excellent questions and makes important points. She manages to make her guests feel comfortable and elicits a friendly vibe. As a therapist I find myself learning, as well as relating to the speakers. Thank you for this excellent podcast!

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