(Episode 59)

Unlocking Peak Performance with Guest Dr. Eddie O'Connor

Can we perfect perfectionism without succumbing to anxiety?  Join us for an enlightening episode as we sit down with Dr. Eddie O’Connor, a renowned expert in sport psychology, to explore how becoming the “perfect perfectionist” and shifting our perspective on failure can lead us closer to peak performance in all aspects of life without the burden of pressure, anxiety and depression.

Dr. O’Connor shares invaluable insights on how embracing failure as a natural part of the learning process can propel us towards our goals. By reframing failure as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery, he guides listeners on a transformative journey towards resilience and success.

Through practical strategies and real-life examples, Dr. O’Connor demonstrates how to cultivate a healthy relationship with striving and failure, enabling us to bounce back stronger and more determined than ever. From athletes striving for victory to individuals pursuing personal and professional aspirations, his wisdom offers a roadmap to navigate setbacks with grace and resilience.

Tune in to discover how to harness the power of failure as a stepping stone towards peak performance, and embark on a journey of self-improvement with confidence and resilience.

Dr. Eddie O’Connor is a professional speaker and both clinical and sport psychologist, specializing in removing barriers to peak performance. He is a Fellow and Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry. Dr. Eddie has worked with youth, high school, collegiate, national and international, Junior Olympic and professional athletes and coaches, as well as performing artists and musicians.

Dr. Eddie is frequently sought after by media, appearing regularly on FOX News in Grand Rapids, a featured guest on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio, and quoted in ESPN.com, NBA.com, Los Angeles Times, Runner’s World, NYMag.com, and CNN.com.

He is author and host of “The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life” by The Great Courses, quoted in the New York Times as being the “Netflix of learning” who recruit “the world’s greatest professors” that “are truly special.”

An international presenter with over 350 speaking engagements and media appearances, Dr. Eddie delivers a powerful and entertaining message to his audience.

Success Stories Community at http://www.dreddieoconnor.com/membership not only can this be great for the nonprofessional person to overcome their internal obstacles to excellence, but I have a few psychologists in the membership who use it to enhance their own lives, professional practice, and share lessons learned with their clients!

Psychological Flexibility Skills for the HRF at https://www.dynamicprinciples.com/hrf-act/ This is a great intro into the psychological flexibility skills we discussed, embedded into the Human Rehabilitation Framework. Even if rehab isn’t your thing, the overview of ACT is a very applied introduction and includes clinical exercises and examples to facilitate practice. It is a course for professionals.  


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Dr. Tamara Soles skillfully dives into meaningful conversations about a variety of topics that not only relate to therapy but also translate to many other aspects of life. This podcast is thought-provoking and keeps the listener completely engaged. The exchanges are lighthearted, humorous at times, and purposeful. A worthwhile listen, simply delightful!
I have enjoyed every single episode of this podcast. Dr. Soles and her guests have done an awesome job talking about meaningful topic and sending important message about mental health while still keeping the discussions entertaining and light. Love it!
This inspiring and thought provoking hour has 50 minutes that will elevate your practice and life.
Rachel R.
Dr. Soles is very down to earth and relatable, yet professional. She asks excellent questions and makes important points. She manages to make her guests feel comfortable and elicits a friendly vibe. As a therapist I find myself learning, as well as relating to the speakers. Thank you for this excellent podcast!

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