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Raise a Secure Child Without Raising Your Voice

3 parenting breakthroughs to end power struggles and step into calm, peaceful parenting

Here’s what you’ll learn


3 Essential Breakthroughs
to help you stop yelling, nagging, threats and punishment


One of the Best Predictors
of your child’s future well‑being and how you can use it to help your child thrive


How “Good Enough Parenting”
can ease your stress and guilt as a parent and result in more confident and resilient kids


The MOST Effective Tool
you have to gain your child’s cooperation and create the parent-child relationship you’ve always imagined


Two Simple but Effective Parent and Child Activities
that boost self-regulation and set you up to succeed in your daily parenting challenges

Simply put, as parents, we all want to raise good humans. We imagine our children as confident, secure, and resilient adults. We want them to make good choices (for good reasons!) and avoid life’s common struggles. Yet traditional parenting approaches based on reward and punishment often undermine our ability to do just that. Modern life has us pulled in so many directions leaving parents exhausted and lacking the time or energy to try something new unless they know it will work. If you’re ready to break free from the power struggles and embrace a practical, brain‑based approach to raising confident and secure children, this masterclass will be the mindset shift you’ve been waiting for!

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I can’t wait to have you join my Masterclass!

One of the greatest joys of my 15 years as a psychologist is watching families transform before me. Parents come in exasperated that the methods that they’ve tried simply don’t work. With some key mindset shifts about how they approach discipline, families unlock a peaceful path that they didn’t even know was possible.

As a child psychologist and mom of twins, the thousands of families I have supported know that I get it. I know what you’re feeling and I feel privileged to  empower you with strategies that work! I’m so excited to begin that transformation with you by setting the stage with these key parenting shifts. 

See you soon in the masterclass as you start your journey toward peaceful parenting!