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Riding the Wave of Big Emotions

3 Powerful Shifts for More Peaceful Parenting

Here’s what you’ll learn


The Science of Big Emotions
Why children have big feelings and what’s going on in the brain


Understanding the Nervous System
What Happens when fight, flight, or freeze takes over.


Riding The Wave 
Why traditional parenting strategies may make things worse


Understanding your Triggers
how to identify your own trigger signature


Three Powerful Shifts
that will increase distress tolerance, reduce meltdowns and help you and your child get better at feeling

As parents, we all want to raise emotionally intelligent and resilient children who can navigate life’s challenges with ease. However, parenting children with intense emotions can be a real challenge, leaving us feeling frustrated, helpless, and at times, triggered by our own reactions. That’s why we’re excited to offer this free parenting masterclass, “Riding the Wave of Big Emotions,” which will provide you with three powerful shifts to more peaceful parenting. By understanding the neuroscience behind big emotions and how they impact our children’s behavior, we can learn to approach our children’s emotional outbursts with calm, compassion, and connection. Join us to discover practical strategies for supporting your child’s emotional development, while also managing your own intense reactions and triggers, and cultivating a more peaceful and fulfilling family life. This masterclass will be the mindset shift you need to transform your parenting journey and build stronger, more resilient relationships with your children.

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Dr. Tamara Soles, Child Psychologist, Parent Coach, Speaker, and Podcast Host

I can’t wait to have you join my Masterclass!

One of the greatest joys of my 15 years as a psychologist is watching families transform before me. Parents come in exasperated that the methods that they’ve tried simply don’t work. With some key mindset shifts about how they approach discipline, families unlock a peaceful path that they didn’t even know was possible.

As a child psychologist and mom of twins, the thousands of families I have supported know that I get it. I know what you’re feeling and I feel privileged to  empower you with strategies that work! I’m so excited to begin that transformation with you by setting the stage with these key parenting shifts. 

See you soon in the masterclass as you start your journey toward a more peaceful home!