Using Positive Parenting and the Power of Connection to Help Your Child Thrive

Exhausted from endless threats, time-outs, or punishments?

Invite peace into your family with this science-backed parenting program that empowers you to calm the chaos and bask in connection.

This life‑changing program is for you if:
You’ve tried EVERYTHING (yelling, not yelling, time‑outs, threats and punishments, being the good cop and the bad!) but nothing seems to work! You’re at the “spaghetti against the wall” stage where you are just trying everything to see what sticks!
You’ve read parenting books, blogs, and listened to the podcasts but your real life situations never seem to unfold the perfect way they do in the parenting materials. When your child doesn’t respond the way that the book suggests, you’re left with that sinking “now what” feeling. 

You feel exhausted from the everyday routines and feel like they should be easier. You embrace the idea of special moments like bedtime rituals but these feel like they get messed up by daily power struggles and frustration.

When your child isn’t cooperating, you are trying your very best to remain patient. You know that punishments just make things worse but you aren’t sure what exactly to do instead.

If any of Those descriptions made you say how'd you know?...

You’re in the right place​

YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’m going to tell you exactly how No More Power Struggles will give you all the tools and inspiration you need on your journey to peaceful and effective parenting.


After the course you will:​

“I could nearly cry thinking of the progress our family has made since you first came into our lives. Thank you. This peaceful parenting path has been a real blessing for our marriage and my children.”

– Jane, mom of three

I’ve taken the fundamental principles that have formed the basis of my work with parents over the last 15 years and packed them into this brand new course.

Using Positive Parenting and the Power of Connection to Help Your Child Thrive

The Curriculum

What’s Inside

No More Power Struggles will move you from feeling frustrated and exhausted from using time-outs, threats and punishments to feeling empowered by concrete strategies that enable you to calmly manage parenting challenges and invite peace into your family. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside each module.

Module 1

Discipline Fundamentals

In this module you will learn the fundamentals of discipline and what makes discipline effective. Highlights:

Module 2

Setting The Stage​

So much of the success of your approach depends on the foundational ingredients already in place. In this module, you will examine the necessary framework to help your child manage their emotions and cooperate (the first time!). Highlights:

Module 3

Parent Reflection

Successfully handling situations with our children requires a deep understanding of the impact of our own experiences, perceptions, and responses. Highlights:

Module 4

Building Self‑Regulation

At the heart of effective discipline is the building of self‑regulation. The science of self‑regulation takes the guess work out of parenting and provides a clear roadmap for brain‑building and effective solutions to the everyday power struggles. Highlights:

Module 5

Discipline Strategies That Work

By now many parents are on board with no punishment but are struggling with what to do instead. Enter: Discipline strategies that work. In addition to the strategies in the previous modules, this module will teach you more than 30 different strategies for managing struggles such as chores, homework, sibling challenges, morning and bedtime routines, talking‑back and more! Highlights:

Module 6

Creating Family Harmony

Throw micro‑managing out the window! Creating a family organizational strategy built on collaboration allows you to quit nagging and end the repetition. This framework will set your family up to succeed and open up possibilities for more connection and quality time with your loved ones.

What’s included in your investment

I’ve taken the key principles and strategies I teach in my first few months of private one‑on‑one parent coaching sessions and packaged them into one easy‑to‑follow, self‑paced online course so that you can get the results my clients have achieved for over 15 years! When you choose to invest in your family during this special limited time period you’ll get:


The following additional support:

Group Call

Weekly Zoom Call to ask Questions about how to implement the strategies you learn in the course


You get access to various bonuses that will help you implement the strategies in more complex situations


Various scripts, checklists and PDFs throughout the program with exercises to help you tailor the program to your family

Additional Resources




In this video, you will learn about neurodiversity and how to identify your child’s strengths and challenges and embrace their neurodivergence! If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, an autism spectrum condition, or a learning disability, this module is particularly designed for you! 



This pdf guide will introduce you to using sensory strategies to help your child regulate. You will learn specific types of sensory needs and what you can do to support those needs.



In this guide, I outline 4 often overlooked reasons your child may appear to be oppositional and may be melting down. As you will learn throughout this course, helping your child is about identifying and solving the RIGHT problem.

Your Investment in Family Harmony

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What People are Saying

“Investing in the No More Power Struggles course has been the best parenting investment I have made!  It gave me real tools to use in situations with my children, ways to make sure I was approaching these situations with the best of myself, having my partner and I on the same page, real strategies to avoid the power struggles altogether and brain-based research presented in bite-sized ways that made all my previous reading and research more tangible.”

– Janelle

“Thank you SO much again. You paved the way for my re‑empowerment, you validated me, you boosted me and you supported me in reclaiming my precious turf. These are all important for my soul’s toolkit. And I thank you.”

– Karlie

Try the No more power struggles Program Risk Free

14 Day Money‑Back Guarantee

I know that the strategies and parenting shifts contained in this course have the power to transform your relationship. So, to help you feel confident in your decision to invest in your family through this course, you will have access to the first two modules within 14 days. If by that time you’re not convinced that your relationship with your child will change, simply contact us and show us the work that you did from those two modules and we will refund your investment. You can find more details here.

Ready to End Power Struggles and Embrace Positive Parenting?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course officially begins on Monday May 16th, 2022. The first module will be available for viewing at that time. After that, once a week the new module will be dripped onto the course platform for six weeks. You have access to the materials for the lifetime of the course so take your time, do the work, and reap those peaceful parenting results!

Yes!! You can never fall behind because you have lifetime access to the course (as well as any future updates!). Note: Lifetime access means the life of the course. As long as the course exists on this platform, it is yours to continue to review and work through! It’s never too late to make change.
There are several great online parenting classes available which is wonderful! The more parents have access to science-based, gentle parenting models the better! As a child and adolescent psychologist, I designed this course based on my specific approach that has yielded incredible results for thousands of families over 15 years. While many programs are offered by coaches who are certified in a particular parenting approach, as a psychologist, I have a doctoral degree in child clinical psychology. I have a depth and breadth of knowledge beyond a specific technique that considers brain development and the evolution of research in child development. But my knowledge is not just theoretical! I’m a mom of twins who present everyday opportunities to practice what I teach! I know what it’s like to feel confident in strategies that work but also know how it feels when I slip up. Best of all, I will show you the power of repair and why your child doesn’t need you to be perfect!
While I’m not providing one‑on‑one parent coaching in this program, I will be holding weekly 30 minute group calls with program members to answer your questions about implementing the program.

No problem! As part of the course you will have access to our private weekly group calls where I will answer your questions about implementation. 

After 15 years working with families, I know that parents who approach these ideas with an open mind and an open heart and who are able to make the time and energy investment will see transformation. I designed my course with those parents in mind. So if my course descriptions resonated with you, that’s a great first step. That said, nothing can be all things to all people! So if you do the exercises in the first two modules within 14 days of the course start date and find that it’s just not for you, no problem. Send us a message and we will refund your investment. See more info here.

Rest assured that you have 14‑days from the start of the course to decide if the program is working for you. Just work through modules 1 and 2 and show us that you’ve done the work. If you’re not loving the program, contact us at and we will gladly return your investment. See more info here.

Dr. Tamara Soles, Child Psychologist, Parent Coach, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Meet Your instructor

Hi, I’m Dr. Tamara Soles

I’m excited to guide you for the next 6 weeks and see your family get the results I know are possible with this course.

As a child psychologist with over 15 years experience, I’ve helped thousands of families transform their lives and create the relationship with their child they’ve always imagined. I have seen the strategies I teach be life-changing for families from all walks of life.

Most importantly, I am Mom to twins- Evangeline and Sawyer (shout out to my fellow twin moms, if you’re not too bleary-eyed to read this!). My children provide everyday opportunities to practice what I teach and to humbly repair when I too, fail. My children know that they have Tamara as a mom- a mom who gratefully has all the effective strategies at my disposal but who must also continue to do the work on myself to show up for my kids in the way I know works.

I know that this course will transform your relationship with your child. I can’t wait to personally welcome you into No More Power Struggles. Join me today!

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