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A podcast where two therapists talk more than they listen

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a podcast where two therapists talk more than they listen

Each episode features a conversation between Dr. Tamara Soles and another therapist in which important topics related to the practice and business of being a psychologist. The topics are discussed with clinical expertise, wisdom, and a whole lot of levity. 

Dr. Tamara is approved as a continuing education sponsor for the American Psychological Association (APA) & Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). Episodes are available for continuing education credits for psychologists and eligible therapists.

If you’re a psychologist, therapist or other mental health clinician you may be eligible for continuing education credits through the America Psychological Association and Canadian Psychological Association simply by listening and taking the post-test.
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The Latest Episodes

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(Episode 52) Supporting African American Families Mercedes Samudio joins us to discuss supporting African American Families. Mercedes discusses the unique mental health …

(Episode 51) Mental Health Marketing Whether you’re a therapist in private practice, sharing mental health information on social media, or growing your …

"Wonderful, Excellent, Meaningful. Dr. Tamara Soles skillfully dives into meaningful conversations about a variety of topics that not only relate to therapy but also translate to many other aspects of life. This podcast is thought-provoking and keeps the listener completely engaged. The exchanges are lighthearted, humorous at times, and purposeful. A worthwhile listen, simply delightful!"

— Aldem, Apple Podcast ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Review

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About Dr. Tamara Soles

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Dr. Tamara Soles is a psychologist, parent coach, and founder of The Secure Child Center for Families and Children  She’s also the mom of twins who present everyday opportunities to live what she’s practiced with families for over 15 years- that harnessing the power of connection helps children thrive! Dr. Tamara created No More Power Struggles, a positive parenting course using based-based and attachment-focused strategies. Currently, you can hear Dr. Tamara on her podcast- This Hour has 50 minutes and follow her on Instagram @drtamarasoles.

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