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No More Power Struggles

The only online parenting course designed and delivered by a psychologist guaranteed to help you end frustration and power struggles, encourage cooperation and be the parent you’ve always wanted to be!

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What's Included

This online positive parenting program will empower you to calmly manage parenting challenges using proven strategies that get you out of the exhausting cycle of time-outs, threats or punishments and invite peace into your family. Here’s what’s included: 

Here's what positive parenting and the power of connection can do for you!

Why does my child's behavior get worse over the holidays

“Investing in No More Power Struggles has been the best parenting investment I have made! It gave me real tools to use in situations with my children, ways to make sure I was approaching these situations with the best of myself, having my partner and I on the same page, real strategies to avoid power struggles altogether and brain-based research presented in bite-sized ways. I am forever grateful for the self-work I was able to do through NMPS as well. I had no idea how much I needed to work through my own stuff and how empowering it would be to identify my own triggers. I was able to dig deep to see what was really behind those triggers and set up a process to see it, acknowledge it and move past it so that I can continue to meet my girls’ needs and move away from generational trauma.

Janelle- Mom of 3

“Thank you SO much again. You paved the way for my re-empowerment, you validated me, you boosted me and you supported me in reclaiming my precious turf.  These are all important for my soul’s toolkit.  And I thank you.

Karlie- MOm of 1


“I could nearly cry thinking of the progress our family has made since you first came into our lives. Thank you. This peaceful parenting path has been a real blessing for our marriage and my children.”


Jane- mom of 3

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